Our Story, Our Commitment

With a combined 30+ years of experience in providing physical therapy and rehabilitation to various populations throughout Southern California, there was a noticeable gap that Benjamin and William noticed between clients, therapists, and the way that treatment interventions were provided and perceived. The patient health outcomes that were seen with established techniques were not good enough to assist those who were seeking help. Fueled by a strong passion for helping improve patient outcomes and decreasing the gap that they saw in the current system, Benjamin and William decided to take matters into their own hands and establish their own out-patient physical therapy clinic to better serve their community and, in turn, improve the lives of those around them.

Moreover, Paraclete38 Physical Therapy proudly serves clients of all ages in the San Fernando Valley and the greater Los Angeles Area. Our approach is unique as it focuses on providing state-of-the-art, evidence-based interventions in combination with core Physical Therapy principles to better help the community at large. Additionally, we strongly believe in the importance of treating each and every one of our partners, team members, and clients with the utmost care, compassion, and respect to foster a positive environment conducive to better relationships, leading to better health outcomes. We’re not just dedicated to therapy; we’re dedicated to your well-being and success.


We strongly believe in our mission of serving others through improving health outcomes backed by evidence-based Physical Therapy modalities.


Our vision is a world where accessible, evidence-based physical therapy empowers individuals to lead healthier, pain-free lives, fostering well-being and vitality for all.

Bio of Owners

Benjamin Yambao Nabong, RPT

  • University of the East – Philippines (Graduated 2002)
  • Certified in Graston Technique
  • Certified in Radiofrequency – Indiba
  • Certified in Maitland – Australian – Manual Therapy

William Y Nabong, PTA

  • University of the East – Philippines (Graduated 2007)
  • Certified in Graston Technique
  • Certified in Radiofrequency

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