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At Paraclete38 Physical Therapy, your well-being is our primary focus. With over 30 years of combined expertise, our team is dedicated to supporting your journey to better health. We understand the unique challenges you may face and are committed to providing personalized, empathetic care that reimagines the therapy experience. We’re about helping you discover a path to health that’s uniquely yours.

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Manual Therapy

Hands-on techniques that focus on the manipulation of soft tissue and joints…

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A therapeutic intervention that sends electrical impulses in order to either stimulate a muscle contraction for improving muscular strength…

Leg massage

Graston Technique

A specialized form of manual therapy, under the umbrella term of IASTM (instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization)...

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Radio Frequency

A non-invasive modality that uses long-wave radio frequencies to provide effective relief of muscle and joint pain…

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You Are Our Top Priority Our Mission Statement

We strongly believe in our mission of serving others through improving health outcomes backed by evidence-based Physical Therapy modalities.

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